Content development

Blog posts, PDF White Papers, PopwerPoint Decks, Videos and a lot more

Top-quality marketing collateral for the technology industry

Developed by industry experts. Covers thorough product/technology research, industry stats, competitor information, and lot more.

HTML Blog Posts

HTML Blog Posts

Authority HTML blog posts including industry references, images, interlinking of other collateral

PDF Collateral

PDF Collateral

Professionally designed case studies, eBooks,  and whitepapers in PDF format

PowerPoint decks

PowerPoint decks

Elegant presentations with embedded graphics, charts, macros and a lot more

Video production

Video production

Product/Explainer videos including 2-D and whiteboard animations along with scripts

Email Newsletters

Email Newsletters

Newsletters and email collateral with full CRM integration

Quantitative research

Quantitative research

Quantitative research using leading industry publications

Technology sub-sector focus

Marketing and Customer Experience Technologies

Marketing automation, programmatic advertising, mobile marketing, loyalty marketing, CRM, marketing analytics, customer data platforms, retail media, personalization

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Focus on promoting use cases of AI and ML in variety of industries including Retail, FMCG, ECommerce, BFSI, Public Sector, and Healthcare

IOT, VR and AR

The latest in customer experience innovations within the worlds of IOT, and Immersive Tech using AR and VR technologies

Data warehousing and Big Data

In-depth coverage of RDBMS databases, No-SQL engines, and Big data technologies with real-world applications.

ETL/ELT and Business Intelligence

Best practices and trends in data architecture, cloud ETL, data pipelines, embedded BI, dashboards and visualizations.

Data mining and analytics

Advanced data analysis topics including machine learning, artificial intelligence, text mining, and their applications to key industry verticals like retail, financial services, and healthcare.

3 tenets of our approach

Strong industry focus

Maintaining a strong focus on the technology industry, allows us to deliver exceptional results for our clients throughout the content marketing life-cycle.

Scale and experience

Our network-based model combined with fully managed contractual offerings, provides us the scale and breadth of experience to deliver excellence in a wide variety of related topics.

Relentless focus on data

We combine creativity in content planning and development with a relentless focus on data to implement content marketing on the lines of a performance marketing channel.

We take it up the notch a little!

Technology brand journalism, C-level interviews, competitor research reports and a lot more!

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