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Technical SEO, Backlinking and Keyword Management services for Technology companies

How it works

4 pillars of our SEO strategy

Competitor analysis

As Technology Marketing Specialists, we believe that understanding the competitive landscape is of paramount importance in SEO. We undertake extensive research of your niche and identify organic search driving factors for your top 4-5 competitors

Keyword research

We divide your offerings into themes and then research high traffic and long tail keywords for each. Our methodology objectively selects keywords based on combination of ranking difficulty, volumes and relevance to your business

On-page Optimization

We undertake detailed page and topic level audit to not only identify on-page issues but also things like internal linking and anchor texts etc. This also includes technical audit and error resolution based on indexation errors in Google and Bing Search

Link building and outreach

This is where we really shine. As domain specialists in the technology sector, we can quickly identify backlinking opportunities that are most likely to oblige. We then set up multi-step outreach campaigns to acquire high DR backlinks.

Developing a detailed understanding of your competition is absolute key to SEO success in technology marketing.

Our competitive analysis focuses on both functional and technical reviews of your competition. Functional review includes developing an understanding of features, USPs, target audience. Technical review on the other hand focuses on things like link profile, social media presence, and keyword rankings.

Having this big picture view goes a long way in helping to implement keyword prioritization, influencer identification and content editorial calendar design.

Comprehensive competitor analysis

Keyword research

A structured approach to keyword identification and prioritization


Keywords are critically reviewed for relevant to specific themes. Themes are in turn distinct sub-offerings or features that you product/service provides.

Search volume

We leverage multiple tools to create average estimates of monthly search volumes for every keyword. Keyword volumes help us also define our topic cluster configuration and content prioritization strategies.

Keyword difficulty

The keyword portfolio is carefully constructed to include both long tail, and high volume keywords. Specific considerations are given to things like expected timelines for ranking improvements, content development resource availability and product roadmap priorities.

Fully white-hat

outreach and backlinking

We leverage multiple outreach techniques and which are underpinned with industry leading technical content.

Our extensive experience in B2B and B2C technologies ensures that we can quickly research your niche and identify influencers for outreach. More importantly, the messaging is apt, and uniquely positioned to sell your value proposition for mutual benefit.

All our outreach activities are carefully monitored. No pushy emails, uncapped communication and certainly no SPAM!

Scaling your SEO efforts with industry leading tools

One of our key promises is to bring scale and efficiency to your SEO efforts. We use industry leading tools with which we have built bespoke integrations to automate multiple SEO tasks including keyword discovery, competitor link profiling, new link discovery and page level metric intelligence.


Simple, transparent pricing based on a monthly retainer

Our SEO services follow a ‘package’ based approach whereby we charge a fixed monthly fee for a certain number of minimum hours to be committed for your project. We also have a variable component which means that you only pay the full fee if we deliver tangible results.

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