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Making Technology Marketing Efficient and Effective

Whether it is prospecting or retargeting, we help technology SaaS companies turbocharge their acquisition marketing efforts with innovative use of paid search, and social marketing campaigns.

Paid advertising offerings
  • Audience development
  • Competitor analysis
  • Account structure planning
  • Campaign setup
  • Creative development including Ad copies and Landing pages
  • Bid management
  • Analytics using leading edge tools such as, Supermetrics, Google Data Studio, PowerBI, and Tableau

Broad, comprehensive portfolio of paid advertising offerings

Whether you are just starting out and need a top-down strategy or need to scale your marketing efforts with domain specific skills, we have the solution for you

Process-driven, methodical execution for repeatable results

Our paid advertising services follow a well-structured, repeatable process that has been refined over the years to quickly adapt to account sizes ranging from small startups to well established growth companies.

  • Product/Service discovery

    It all starts with developing a deep understanding of your product or service offerings along with understanding target audience and value propositions

  • Competitor analysis

    We then leverage our extensive technical expertise to identify your top competitors and assets their paid advertising strategies with focus on acquisition marketing

  • Keyword research

    Next starts the keyword research part. We use industry leading tools such as SEMRush, AhRefs and ChatGPT plus to identify keywords giving due consideration to relevance, competition, bid estimates and scale

  • Account setup and creative development

    In this step, we begin to make the rubber meet the road. Based on your offerings portfolio, we define your account structure and ad groups along with creative and landing page copies

  • Ongoing optimization

    With the ads running, we shift our attention to data analysis and use insights to implement near real-time strategies for ad and bid management.

Paid advertising for Technology Marketing is much more than just search and social ads

Direct Publisher Advertising

Search is great but niche technology sites often drive far more qualified leads for building top-of-the-funnel scale.

Technology marketing is unique in that niche publisher sites often provide far better quality of leads. We maintain a detailed inventory of over 500 technology niche sites and can quickly negotiate direct ad placements on their sites based on your audience definition, expected scale and budget constraints


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