Data and Insights

Leveraging data to plan and promote content

Objective content scoring

Build your content agenda using an objective content scoring model that evaluates each content item along multiple dimensions beyond just technical, on-page parameters. Includes interlinking, keyword usage, content freshness, age, keyword usage, and lot more.

Performance analysis

Combine data from across google analytics, CRM, and other internal tools to analyze the impact of content on actual engagement and conversions. Expert level integrations with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and popular marketing automation platforms to gauge content performance.

SEO and Keyword insights

Tune your keyword strategy by gaining hard-hitting insights into search engine ranking performance metrics for individual/group of keywords. Deep-dive topic cluster analysis, interlinking profiling, and focus keyword analysis to boost rankings.

Content classifications

Content profiling using bespoke classifications to gain insights into content inventory and performance at arbitrary levels of granularity including service/product, department/team, content topic, keyword group, and more.

Audience research

Analysis of content consumption data along with unique content classifications to drive deeper insights into audience demographics and engagement drivers.

Ops reporting

Gain insights into the costs of planning, producing, promoting content, and how they stack up against paid promotions on a long-term basis. Detailed operational reporting around individual offerings, topics, and campaigns.

What we strive to improve

Indirect metrics

Quality Traffic, Domain/page authority, Keyword rankings, Influence score, Number of backlinks, Brand recall, Email metrics, Competitor metrics

Business outcomes

Campaign Efficiency, Sales qualified leads(MQL), Lead quality metrics, Brand awareness

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