Social gaming trends and innovation report

This Trends and Innovation report is created specifically to provide cutting-edge insight into social gaming. The report was backed by an online consumer survey and interviews with key players in the sector.

The social gaming space is exciting because it has shown itself to be highly profitable and to deliver strong returns on investment. Thanks to the sale of virtual goods and currency, it has become a multi-billion dollar industry, the sector is attracting strong marketing investment, from small and medium-sized companies through to blue chips and large multinationals.

This report includes sections on:

  1. Market trends and developments.
  2. UK consumer research on social gaming.
  3. Third-party statistics.
  4. An overview of the key players in the industry.
  5. Summary of key metrics required to measure success.
  6. Case studies of companies using social gaming for marketing.

The report highlights the following key features of Social Gaming:

Social games are multi-player and are characterized by one or more
of the following features: turn-based, are based on social platforms for providing users with an identity and are casual in nature.

Social networks provide the “platform” for many social games, as they allow for rapid distribution and for sharing game-related content, such as scores
and gaming items. The integration of gaming with social networks has changed gaming from a lonely, immersive experience to a universal social experience that can be shared with family and friends.

Social gaming enables brands to interact in communities that are guaranteed to have a high level of engagement.

Two distinct audiences on social games; free users make up the majority,  however, the paying audience is willing to invest substantially in virtual
currency and other gaming items.

The report looks at the current state of social gaming and analyzes the key trends shaping the market. The report looks at the reasons for the growth of social gaming and tracks the key players who dominate the market.

Consumer survey results are presented and discussed in the report along with third-party research on the social gaming market. This report gives the reader a comprehensive SWOT analysis of the social gaming space and predicts what future growth and industry consolidation might take place. It also concludes that threats such as spam advertising and scams threaten to erode customer trust and a lack of skills and talent may hold back the industry.

Payments and monetization issues are discussed in detail and important case studies are presented from leading players like Zynga, and how brands like McDonald’s and Disney are using social gaming as an engagement strategy.

Content theme

A research report that presents an overview of the social gaming market which is part of a series of information packs designed to explore emerging trends and new areas relating to digital marketing.


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