Content audit platform

Content Audit

Centralize and profile existing

content assets

Fully automated content audit platform

Our content audit platform provides features that include technical on-page checks, but go well beyond individual assets to assess your overall content makeup including classifications, amplification, content engagement, fitness for human consumption, search engine visibility and a lot more.

Key Features

Content and not SEO Audit

Implement content audits that provide insights into your overall content makeup, classification, amplification, freshness, age and a lot more than just individual on-page technical SEO checks

Multi-domain support

Audit assets from multiple domains in a single report. Easily downloadable CSV reports with highly granular audit data to help you get deep insights around content structure and technical SEO factors

Multi-format Support

Audit your Website blogs, PowerPoint decks, PDFs, Infographics and lot more. We perform audit on content audit platform for any content embedded inside a publicly accessible HTML page.

Advanced keyword audit

Easily visualize keyword usage among various content assets, and internal linking. Identify topic clusters and opportunities for new content targeting specific keywords.

20+ Technical SEO Checks

20+ Technical SEO checks including meta tags, canonical structuring, image alt texts, content interlinking, word count

Holistic scoring

An objective score that lets you rank content quality using a range of factors like technical SEO factors, interlinking, duplicate content, traffic/engagement, freshness, age, content strategic alignment and many more

Rich Content Classifications

Easily classify content for your own unique planning requirements around target audience segments, buyer stages, brand, geo-location, category, and more.

Wordpress content auto-import

Use our WordPress plugin to develop rich insights into your content organization by automatically importing content definitions from your WordPress site.

Data-driven content planning

Use auto-generated content scores to objectively decide which content items to update, redirect, modify, delete or generate more of. Eliminate guess-work

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