PowerBI Embedded is a Microsoft Business Intelligence product which allows customers to build multi-source dashboards and then embed them into their own web applications. This short PowerPoint deck was one of the many assets created by us for a leading PowerBI consultancy based out of Germany. The engagement entailed understanding the Client’s PowerBI embedded offering and how it stacked up against alternative deployments such as Tableau, Qlikview, and Pentaho.

Article purpose

To provide a high-level product introduction to a bespoke dashboard solution built using Microsoft’s PowerBI Embedded tool. This deck was created as part of a larger asset-base comprising of more detailed fact-sheets, elaborating dashboards for multiple use-cases with dummy data and also a high-level total cost of ownership comparison between this solution and Tableau Online/Server hosting.

About the Client

UK’s leading Azure Consultancy specializing in building BI solutions using Microsoft technologies (SQL Server, PowerBI, PowerBI Embedded etc.)