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Content Planning

Enabling Strategy driven

Content Marketing

Content that follows a Strategy

The Content Marketing Strategy planning feature allows you to create Campaigns to channel content marketing efforts around a unique combination of offerings, target audience, and content themes. This ensures that all content is purpose-built for specific consumption profiles, is delivered at the right time, to the right channel and finally, is evaluated against the right business metrics. Use Campaigns to minimize marketing resource waste involved in producing and promoting irrelevant content.


Commercially aligned Content

  • What

    List out the offerings/products that you are promoting

  • Why

    Define Campaign Objectives to tailor content for specific communication styles

  • Who

    Define your target audience

  • How

    Define and select content themes for message delivery

  • Where

    Setup your channel plan

Rich Content Classifications

Easily classify content for your own unique planning requirements around target audience segments, buyer stages, brand, geo-location, service line, category and lot more.

Content with a purpose

Create engaging content that goes beyond simple keyword optimization. Build highly targeted content that be used in email, targeted social promotions

Planning software that delivers

Our lightweight approach to Content Planning allows you to quickly setup plans and then refine them gradually. Tactical execution combined with a Strategic perspective

Analytics driven planning

Plan your Content using regular feedback from your Web Analytics and Social media performance data


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