Developing marketing collateral for consulting propositions and industry focused, cookie-cutter solutions for specific verticals is a big chunk of the technology marketing agenda for large-scale demand generation programs.

General insurance, Property and Life insurance, Motor insurance, and Health insurance are some of the key products offered by most large insurance companies. The range of technology implementation options is huge given the massive technology innovations in this sector. Given this background, an Enterprise Architecture helps to identify key business capabilities and prioritize technology investments in support of specific business programs.

Enterprise Architecture is a massive initiative involving multiple business units and horizontal functions. From a Marketing perspective, clients need high-level road maps for technology investments to make marketing more cutting-edge, business-driven and efficient.

In this program, we worked with the Enterprise Architects and Demand generation group of a leading UK Consultancy to develop a range of marketing collateral targeting the insurance vertical, with particular focus on digital transformation and customer experience. The specific context was two-fold

  • To catalog the various business capabilities discovered by consulting teams working across insurance practice
  • To work with Technology experts to identify and catalog technology (vendor) implementation options involved in delivering the various business capabilities with a narrow focus on cross-brand campaign management, centralized measurement and reporting, econometrics, customer data management, lead intelligence and customer service optimization areas.

The focus here was to synthesize detailed technical collateral into customer facing assets that could be deployed to prospects in the form of business value documents, points-of-view, and best-practice guides. The final deliverable covered high-level business capability summaries and supported solution offerings in a range of areas including

  • Resale partner (broker) engagement
  • Retail marketing campaigns
  • Marketing of streamlined claims management capabilities
  • Streamlining promotions across devices, brands and channels
  • Product cross/up-selling

Content theme

An overview of the key business capabilities and solutions delivered by consulting teams working across the Insurance industry, and a best practice guide of recommendations from technology experts who identify and catalog vendor implementation options involved in delivering the business capabilities.

Content Format

PPT presentation with custom images

About the Client

A leading UK professional services consultancy.