With the ever-increasing number of channels that Marketers use to run campaigns and track customer behavior, tracking performance becomes a major challenge from an IT perspective. It is not uncommon to see even sophisticated Marketers resorting to primitive means such as Google Sheets, CSV/Excel files, Access databases, or simple Mysql instances to manually upload data at regular intervals. This becomes completely unmanageable as the number of campaigns or channels grows. Secondly, when large budgets are at stake, the need of the hour is in-flight campaign optimization-or the ability to tweak campaign parameters in real-time as opposed to retrospective analysis.

What Marketers need is a robust data mart that is purpose-built for specific business scenarios and offers the optimum balance of capital/operating costs, skills requirements, self-service capabilities, ecosystem of third-party connectors and most importantly, scalability.

In this whitepaper, we worked with a leading data pipeline vendor to evaluate three leading cloud platforms for building and hosting data marts for marketing. We provided an in-depth coverage of Amazon Cloud, Snowflake and Google BigQuery with specific relation to following points

  1. Summary of relevant components for each platform for data ingestion, data transformation, and storage (e.g. Google Pub/Sub for data ingestion, Amazon S3/RDS for raw staging data storage, Amazon Lambda for ETL etc.)
  2. Pros and cons of each platform in terms of pricing, maintenance
  3. Considerations around learning graph
  4. Sample use cases with solution architecture to connect to leading platforms including Facebook and Google Ads, Stitch, Funnel.io, Segment.com

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