Promoting technology products and services through content requires very different skills

Demonstrating authority with content requires domain expertise. Core content research and development, keyword selection, technical optimization etc. all require deep domain expertise on part of content strategists and writers in order to make an impact. This is where we specialize.

Our strategists and writers are chosen based on specific content topic and this provides all our content projects that extra edge as compared to non-technical content specialists.

3 tenets of our approach

Strong industry focus

Maintaining a strong focus on the technology industry, allows us to deliver exceptional results for our clients throughout the content marketing life-cycle.

Scale and experience

Our network-based model combined with fully managed contractual offerings, provides us the scale and breadth of experience to deliver excellence in a wide variety of related topics.

Relentless focus on data

We combine creativity in content planning and development with a relentless focus on data to implement content marketing on the lines of a performance marketing channel.

A unique, network based model

Our network based model allows us to deliver at scale with a broad sector coverage, while also keeping production costs low. This is done without sacrificing quality as we still retain the contractual relationship and overall responsibility for delivery.

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