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Our Analytics Offerings

Google Tag Manager Consulting

GTM container architecture, consent mode integrations, data layer setup and backend integration, custom scripting using JavaScript, server-side tagging

Google Analytics Consulting

Fresh GA4 installations, UA/Google Analytics 360 migrations, Funnel tracking, Google Analytics API development and Custom JavaScript tagging via GTM

Data integrations

API based automated data extractions with Google Marketing Cloud products, Meta, and other leading platforms using cloud data pipelines such as, Supermetrics and Stitch.

Dashboard development

Cloud-based, self-service BI and dashboard development using tools such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Tableau, PowerBI and Google Data Studio.

Converting data into actionable information

We are data-driven marketers. Technology specialists.

Understanding marketing data and quickly making sense of it is second nature to us.

Working with us means that you do not have to spend countless hours just getting analysts up to speed with marketing terms. Instead, we hit the ground running and provide actionable insights from proactive, hands-on data analysis.

Core analytics

use cases

Taking a use-case based approach to building out analytics capabilities helps our clients to focus optimization efforts based on short and medium term priorities.

We support five core analytics use cases

Ad Spend Optimization

Develop a consolidated view of your entire paid media spend from across accounts and channels. Powerful self-service BI to help you quickly identify underperforming bottlenecks.

Conversion optimization

Get deep insights into conversions regardless of where the journey starts. Bring touchpoint data from multiple sources into a centralized repository to measure and optimize conversion rates.

Journey analytics

Build a consolidated funnel view of your customer’s journeys. Identify drop-off points and develop actionable strategies to improve customer experience across the entire lead to cash cycle.

Lifetime Value and Churn Analytics

Acquiring customers is an expensive proposition. Build detailed picture of LTV contributions from your customer base. Develop powerful segmentation strategies to optimize the LTV of key customer segments.

Engagement tracking

Highly relevant when building top of the funnel scale and bringing new innovations to the market. Prospects need compelling reasons to engage with your content. Identify and implement comprehensive engagement tracking from across customer touch points.

Broad data engineering competency

Our AWS expertise covers multiple services including Glue, EMR, Kinesis, EC2, DynamoDB and Redshift. We also work extensively in building out serverless applications using API Gateway backed with Python/Node Lambdas.

While our primary competency is in AWS cloud, we also work occasionally with Azure cloud customers and specifically around Logic Apps and Data Lake products

Supermetrics is our choice of data pipeline software which provides out of the box connectivity to major sources of paid advertising data such as Google Ads and Facebook. is another data pipeline tool that allows pulling data from ad systems without building bespoke API connections.

Zapier is our favorite tool for automating data extractions using scheduled or even-driven triggers. With native connectivity to hundreds of digital marketing apps, Zapier proves to be a true time saver when it comes to quickly developing insights

Biq Query is our choice of data lake software for storing all sorts of customer interaction and ad performance data. With native connectivity from major data pipeline tools, it is one of the most cost-effective tools to use for quickly building marketing data marts

This is a great tool for entry level dashboard development for single tenant client applications. The USP here is native connectivity to Google Sheets and also Cloud based SQL engines. The only flip side is scaling the reports for multi-tenant scenarios

PowerBI provides comprehensive data analysis and report development capabilities with an ever increasing and rich set of features for non-technical audience.

Tableau is by far the most user-friendly and feature rich self-service BI tool out there. With native connectivity to multiple backends and a super easy, intuitive interface, Tableau provides the best functionality when it comes to drill-down data analysis and multi-dimensional reporting. With the server subscription, it is also incredibly easy to build embedded dashboards that can be easily shared within a client team.

Python is our go-to choice when it comes to building bespoke data transformations. We use Python extensively inside AWS lambda functions for building serverless apps and also for scripting within AWS Glue pipelines

Our Data Engineers have extensive training and experience in advanced usage of SQL. This ranges from writing simple joins to building out complex joins on multi-source data, stored procedures and implementing query optimization techniques

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