7 Tactics for generating B2B content calendar ideas

content calendar ideas for b2b technology marketing

When it comes to writing engaging content calendar ideas in B2B Technology Marketing, one of the critical challenges remains that of identifying the content topic. Doing this so regularly and at scale adds another dimension to content development complexity. Without a structured approach that keeps the technology audience in mind during content ideation, companies often end up generating low-value content that escapes attention and has a low shelf life.

Here is a list of 7 content themes that Technology Marketers can use to generate impactful content calendar ideas that communicate both the breadth and depth of subject matter expertise.

Use cases-For both product and services companies, establishing the need for an offering remains a critical objective. This is especially true for companies bringing to market cutting edge technology applications or innovative business models that do not yet exist. Writing content about use cases for such offerings generates top-of-the-funnel demand amongst business users and increases the overall size of the prospect pool.

Points of View-These are general articles that put forth a point of view or proposition backed up by empirical stats. These analysis style articles allow authors to take a position (or back an existing one) on a topic of interest and justify the position using practical examples.

Framework guides-This content type allows Companies to talk about implementation frameworks that directly impact company profitability, productivity, efficiency through effective modularization of implementation steps. A Business Intelligence Consultancy, for example, might find it beneficial to create high-level content about how it approaches the development of BI strategy using a step-by-step approach.

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Best practice guides-These allow companies to project thought leadership in a given area through authoritative content that outlines industry best practices. A data analytics consultancy, for example, could create content about best practices in data selection and exploratory data analysis to convey authority about technical aspects of data mining. A Technology Strategy Consultancy could develop collateral around aligning technology investments to business priorities citing specific examples of business context.

Industry trends-These allow B2B Tech Marketers to show authority about broader industry trends outside the remit of any particular product or service offering. This content type appeals most to early-stage prospects looking for companies with subject-matter authority.

Vendor comparisons-Vendor comparisons are especially useful for Technology Services Companies looking to demonstrate a tool-agnostic subject matter expertise. Pulling together authoritative text around how different vendors stack up on crucial features builds Client credibility by providing end-users with credible insight into critical aspects of technology.

Toolkits-Toolkits make a great bottom-of-the-funnel content tactic in that they generate interest amongst the highly targeted audience who are already familiar with the business challenge and are looking for specific ways to solve a problem. Online tax calculators, Excel-based cost estimators, templated project plans that can be quickly customized, sample framework templates etc. all makeup great toolkits that can generate high volumes of site traffic.


By categorizing content on the lines above, marketers can develop comprehensive editorial calendars by rotating content themes and generating unique content calendar ideas.  Not only does this allow easy topic picking, but it also allows for targeting prospects across the entire buying cycle with contextually relevant content.

But of course, coming up with quality content ideas consistently and at scale is easier said than done. This is all the more relevant for B2B technology marketing that requires domain-specific skills to be effective. This is why we have a dedicated service for content ideation where we work with clients to understand their gamut of offerings and topics and then provide content ideas along with detailed SEO research for using the correct keywords.

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