This research report is an information pack developed to explore emerging trends and new areas relating to location-based marketing. Created specifically to provide cutting-edge insight into geomarketing, also known as location-based marketing – when an organization uses the physical location of a consumer and leverages it for advertising, engagement, and eCommerce. Location-based marketing (LBM) is an ideal way of identifying and targeting consumers within a specific location, either directly or by encouraging engagement.

The report introduces LBM and presents a business case for its relevance to marketers for both push and pull marketing techniques. The report explains the reasons why marketers should pay close attention to LBM and need to be conscious of the opportunities provided by LBM. It explains how because of the depth and breadth of location-based marketing, advertisers have almost limitless possibilities of how they can engage customers with LBM.

The report includes sections on:

  • Market trends and developments.
  • Third-party statistics.
  • An overview of the key players in the industry.
  • Case studies of companies using location-based marketing tools and techniques.

Content theme

A snapshot of the key questions surrounding Location Based Marketing. A practical research report to help marketers make better decisions about the location-based marketing and build business cases, find the best vendors, and accelerate their knowledge.

Content Format

PDF report with custom images, source links and client branding

About the Client

A leading UK based digital publishing, training, and research group. The company hosts over 100 events to educate and train staff every year for many of the world’s most famous brands.