Using Client interviews for effective technical content development

Using Client Interviews for effective technical content development

Effective content development has grown well beyond simply doing a few minutes’ worth of research and cobbling together a few rehashed ideas.  Your audience demands more than the one-trick pony of bland, lifeless information, or even good information they can find in a thousand other places and this is why content ideation needs a dedicated role.

When you approach a content marketer with a project brief, there is a two-way knowledge exchange street that gets established. No writer, even an expert one, knows the intricacies of your business or your expected business outcomes and it is up to you to communicate your vision, USP, and voice to the writer so that they understand the context behind content production. Interviews facilitate just this-a deep dive, a bi-directional discussion that sets the stage for granular content writing in line with expected business outcomes

This is why we at Syptus are such big believers in conducting thorough interviews with our clients. Our interview process lets us get to know our clients and their businesses so that we can generate quality pieces of content. During the interview process, learning happens on both sides.

A multi-step agenda for conducting client interviews in technical content development.

  • Understanding your offerings-This helps us understand your key drivers for content marketing and the specific products and services you are looking to promote
  • Understanding your vision-Here, we give you a chance to vocalize your passion about your chosen profession, which we can then put into all of your content marketing. You get to see first-hand the meaning and value of our USP while we get a deeper understanding of yours
  • Understanding specific content context-Typical topics we explore as part of this step include identifying your target audience/persona, content type (use case, industry trend, vendor comparison report, technical toolkit, solution architecture overview etc.), competitive positioning, SEO requirements and campaign objectives (lead generation, branding etc.)
  • Planning ahead-Often, the seeds for several articles are planted during the interview sessions. From those seeds, we formulate both short-term and long-term marketing efforts

The interview process allows you to more fully understand what we do and how we can help you while also giving us what we need to deliver solid content. Even if need to write some content pieces that demonstrate basic knowledge of your industry to your audience, we can put your unique spin on it through getting to know you via interview.

Over time, many of our clients are surprised at how interviewing helps them to focus their core ideas about their business and develop stronger, more persuasive sales techniques.

While all Freelance Writers that we engage with here at Syptus has extensive knowledge about technical matters, we bridge the gap between ‘meh…’ and ‘wow!’ with our intensive interview process.  We concentrate your knowledge and combine it with ours to devise focused and powerful marketing collateral that helps you maximize your content marketing ROI. What better way to do this than to talk to you about you?