In this article, we provide a brief overview of what data pipelines are, and how they enable faster, more efficient data analysis cycles with minimal IT involvement. The proliferation of marketing-related data means marketers require new technologies that can condense the time to insights without blowing away operational budgets. Marketing investments could potentially turn into sunk costs without the tools to analyze and action marketing data in real-time.

The article shows how using data pipelines allows marketers to quickly assemble data from multiple sources and then analyze it at scale using the latest self-service BI tools. It provides a compelling business case for data engineers to contemplate deploying data pipelines for marketing data analysis.

Looking at a typical multi-channel e-commerce operation, the shortcomings of constantly downloading campaign performance data in order to do exploratory data analysis are described. This approach to analytics is unlikely to be enough to convert data into meaningful insights, while a data pipeline makes real-time campaign optimization possible without the need for major IT involvement.

Data pipelines offer marketing analysts new ways to take control of how cross-channel data is assembled, processed, and stored. The article lists the five major benefits of using data pipelines i.e. lower costs, faster deployment times, lower hardware and software complexity, the ability to process raw data, and plug and play integration with business tools.

In conclusion, the article argues that the cost, operational and technical advantages of leveraging data pipelines are simply too compelling to ignore.

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