Phishing scams come in all shapes and form. The variations out there are truly staggering and committed hackers often make a living out of constantly innovating to cheat. Large volumes of research exist and which detail how scammers caused grievous financial and physical harm to global corporate giants, public companies, high net worth individuals and even private citizens.

In this tower post(over 4000 words long), we did comprehensive research on the various types of phishing scams including but not limited to

  1. Spear phishing
  2. Whale phishing
  3. CEO Fraud
  4. Zero day attacks
  5. Trojans and Malware
  6. Business email compromise
  7. Office 365 phishing

The tower post included numerous examples of each type of attack and along with highlighting how the vendor’s solution could prevent in not just eliminating but also early detection and prevention of such highly malicious scams. Child content was carefully organized with specific keywords picked up as part of the overall topic cluster.

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