SEO integration for streamlined content planning

Get found, build engagement and do so efficiently

Synch your content production calendar planning with a larger keyword strategy


Search Console Integration

Run complex drill-down reports on your published pages using data overlay from Google Web Search Console. Find instant insights around focus keyword performance, discover new keywords, identify geo-location, device patterns and track Google rankings, all in one single report

Advanced Keyword Audit


Track keyword usage in individual assets, imported keywords that are not formally tracked, keyword usage based on arbitrary classifications including long-tail, mid-funnel, brand, top-funnel and a lot more


Near real-time feedback into search engine performance data

Connect your Google Web Search Console account and easily track all your content against targeted keywords. Quickly identify actual query performance for individual pages, discover new keywords based on search query volumes, identify location focus and highlight numerous other SEO gaps in published content.

On-page technical audit

An objective score for every content asset, based on 20+ technical criteria based on latest SEO best-practices


Topic Clusters

Easily visualize how content assets interlink with each other. Track interlinking of content assets from across your blog, landing pages, inner pages, video collateral, webinars, guest posts and much more


Raw data export

Automated data export into Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift for deeper SEO data analysis. Supports both one-time historical and daily incremental loads

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