An all-in-one Content Marketing Platform

Fully automated, analytics driven platform for high volume content marketing

Purpose-built for high volume content marketing

Advanced access control

Powerful Analytics


Strategic Content Marketing Planning

Dump random, ad-hoc content production. Use our planning tools to give a defined purpose and method to your content marketing efforts. Quickly create offerings, audience personas, sales cycle stages and tie them together into Campaigns with clearly defined objectives.

Automated content ideas

Never run out of content ideas again. Our integrated API generates content suggestions for you based on keywords. Or you could connect your Evernote account for automated content import. And then we also give you a Chrome extension that helps you capture ideas and research notes directly into Syptus!


Content Workflows

Completely automate your content production with simple but highly flexible content workflows. Use our Editorial Calendar for granular tracking of task assignments and deadlines. The in-built collaboration features allow you to centralize the entire content requisition and approval process without having to manage spreadsheets and multiple other tools. Combine all this with fully configurable and automated notifications, and you get a powerful content marketing engine to produce content at scale.

Automated Content Promotions

Content marketing is not just about writing great content. You need to put the content out in front of your audience and doing this manually takes just too much time. Our content promotion feature allows you to fully automate social promotion of your organic and curated content using native integration with popular tools including Buffer and Hootsuite. Intelligent historical content re-cycling ensures that your old content is not forgotten!


SEO integration

Robust SEO integration to track all your content against targeted keywords. Quickly identify keyword/content mappings, and highlight SEO gaps in published content. Whether it is blog posts, PowerPoint decks, whitepapers, guest articles, or even ad copies, the SEO integration ensures that all your published content assets follow a planned keyword strategy.

Powerful Analytics

Easily track content marketing performance and cost/operations metrics using powerful analytics. Embrace true data driven marketing by getting deep insights into production costs, type/volume of content created, and of course performance metrics from your third party analytics data. We combine all these into one single place to provide insights into both content effectiveness and efficiency.


Robust Integrations

Easily connect to a range of third party applications for planning, production, distribution and measurement of your content

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