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All-in-one Content

Marketing Platform

Plan, Ideate, Produce, Optimize

Content at Scale

All-in-one platform for planning, development, promotion and measurement of Content Marketing Programs

Key features

Advanced access control

Advanced Analytics


Strategic Content Marketing Planning

Quickly create Offerings, Audience Personas, Sales Cycle Stages and tie them together into Campaigns. Ensure direct alignment between Content Marketing and key business objectives

Streamlined Content Development

Organize your Content Assets with rich taxonomies, types, formats, and themes for building highly targeted communication collateral. Use our Editorial Calendars for granular tracking of asset development workflow


Content Promotions Planning

Tap into our library of 200+ promotion tactics across paid, owned and earned media channels to build powerful content promotion plans for your organic and curated content assets

Powerful Analytics

Easily track Campaign performance against key pre-defined metrics for Branding, Lead Gen, Customer Conversion, Retention, Customer Service Campaigns.


Robust Integrations

Easily connect to a range of third party applications for planning, production, distribution and measurement of your content

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