An all-in-one Content Marketing Platform

Integrated suite of data-driven content marketing tools for high performance content marketing teams

Unified suite of content marketing tools for data-driven content marketing

A data-driven content marketing approach that combines SEO, and Social data to help you plan and create content that is easily found and that your prospects love.

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Plan and create top-quality content at scale

Effective content marketing is much more than just blog writing. Our content marketing tools allows Marketers to combine SEO, and Social features to plan, create and promote high quality content at scale.


Track ALL your marketing collateral from one place

Content marketing goes far beyond just blog posts. Regardless of where your marketing content is actually hosted and in what format, you can track its usage from one single place. Simply specify the published link and our software will allow you to track your videos, guest blogs, infographics, whitepapers, and all content downloads from one place using our easy-to-configure platform.

Ensure content quality with real-time content audits

Ensure content quality using real-time content audits that score every content item between 0-100 using a set of pre-defined metrics. Create your own audit templates to provide strategists and writers with concrete assessment criteria for evaluating content quality.

Get the ‘big-picture’ view of content marketing

Easily track content marketing performance at arbitrary grouping levels such as topics, campaigns, offerings and custom tags. Immediately find optimization opportunities using stunning vizualizations with data points including content inventory, search performance, web analytics usase, social metrics and a ton of other useful metrics that give you actionable intelligence about your content.

Advanced SEO integration

Simply creating great content is pointless if it can not be easily found.

Our robust SEO integration using Google Web Search Console data allows you to track all your content against targeted keywords. Quickly identify keyword/content mappings, and highlight SEO gaps in published content. Whether it is blog posts, PowerPoint decks, whitepapers, guest articles, or even ad copies, the SEO integration ensures that all your published content assets follow a planned keyword strategy.

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