Data-driven, topic-based SEO and content planning

Why topic-based content planning?

Focusing on rankings of individual content assets in an attempt to drive traffic is a risky approach to inbound marketing. Instead, plan and create high-quality content around real-world topics for human consumption and insulate your content from arbitrary search engine algorithm changes with topic-based content planning


Cluster Creation

Allocate individual assets to arbitrary content topics and designate pillar content with the click of a button. Change pillar content at any time to automatically recreate the entire cluster audit

Cluster Analysis

Easily visualize Topic Clusters which depict how child content assets within a topic relate to pillar content. Innovative layout shows you the anchor text keywords for every link, allowing you to easily analyze how the topic keywords are organized


Keyword Linkage Profiling

Visualize how the long tail keywords within a topic connect to pillar content using inbound link anchor text. Easily identify gaps in cluster implementation compared to your keyword strategy at the topic level.

Easy Cluster Comparisons

An objective score based on analysis of how child assets connect to pillar content using inbound links, the keywords that the child assets are optimized for, group they belong to, presence in anchor text and a lot more.

A holistic, fully automated cluster scoring algorithm

Scoring clusters based on simple counting of links and keywords for anchor text defeats the whole purpose of creating topic focused content for human consumption. Our algorithm goes beyond and checks multiple other factors including child asset target audience, content theme, and service offering to provide a much more holistic score.

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