Multi-domain, multi-format content inventory

A centralized content inventory that lays the foundations for a deep-dive audit and on-going content performance analysis

Record assets of any format

Import content definitions from WordPress, Youtube, Vimeo, PDF files, Powerpoint decks and lot more to build an instant inventory of all your content marketing collateral. Create arbitrary classifications for your content and run full-text search, to easily find out how much content you have and of what type


Rich tagging and classification

Add arbitrary tags and classifications to your marketing collateral in order to run audit and content performance reports

Centralize content assets from multiple sites/domains

Build a centralized view of all your content marketing assets from across blogs, product pages, hosted landing pages, promotions and much more

Fully downloadable reports

Run customized content analysis by easily downloading asset level metadata reports containing rich data points such as publish destination, format, theme, taxonomy tags, individual condition score and much more


Get a centralized view of all your content marketing collateral

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