Four content types for technical b2b marketing

Content marketing involves presenting your readers with informative pieces that educate people about your brand and your niche. There are many different kinds of informative pieces. At Syptus, we focus on four core types: blog posts, technical white papers, infographics, and PowerPoint decks. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, and are used in different ways depending on where a visitor is on their sales journey.

Blog posts

Blog posts are usually the first thing to come to mind when people think about content marketing. Blog posts can be used at in all phases of the buyer’s journey, though many companies choose to use these at the top of the funnel to help bring customers closer. A well-crafted blog post can serve as pillar content that can provide a reason for people to tell others about your website.

Several types of blog posts can be created:

  • List posts – These can be fun posts where we’re simply making a list that revolves around a particular topic. You might see work like, ‘7 Trends to Watch in 2016’ or ‘Are you Making these 8 Critical programming Errors?’ Companies such as Buzzfeed run their entire business model on articles like these.
  • Opinion posts – We can take your opinions and ideas and distill them down into a blog post. Everyone has an opinion about the trends in their field, and readers value that because your company is taking a stand. These types of posts can also hone down a large audience into the core demographic you wish to target.
  • How-to posts – How-to posts get people’s attention when they are fully focused on the target audience’s big pain points. “How to get 10,000 visitors for an hour’s worth of work” is an example of this kind of post.

Blog posts are the basic article of the internet marketing world. Almost any content marketing strategy will involve blog posts at some point.

White papers

Some topics are too complex or specialized for a blog post. That’s where a white paper can come in handy. A white paper is a long report around a complex topic designed to speak specifically to your niche. A well-crafted white paper can cement your place as an authority in the minds of your audience.

White papers work perfectly because they are both technical in nature and answer very specific problems which your audience might be having, often using case studies that demonstrate how your approach solves a particular problem better than the competition.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and well-placed infographics can get your site and your company noticed more. These pictures pack a lot of information in a beautiful and entertaining space. For targeting millennials, infographics are a great way to get your foot in the door. This demographic prefers pictorial content over text-based content. Also, infographics are very easy to share across social media. These are most often used at the top and middle of the sales funnel, and can also be used to complement white papers and blog posts.

Powerpoint Decks

When you need to drive your final sales point home, a targeted PowerPoint deck can be just the tool you need. Let us help you prepare your final product pitch to your clients, or design the slides you need for your next TED talk. We like to use this to help close your sales.

Regardless of the way that you’re presenting the information, it’s still necessary to have an expert on your side to make sure that your posts, infographics, white papers, and decks are presented in the right manner with the right information for your client’s use

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